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The following web sites can provide you with more information about doing business in Bermuda:

Bermuda Inc. - Information about doing business in Bermuda.

Bermuda Monetary Authority - The Bermuda Monetary Authority is responsible for the licensing of banks, deposit companies and investment businesses, the issue and redemption of Bermuda notes and coins, supervision of Bermuda's financial institutions, providing advice to Government on banking and other financial and monetary matters and the vetting of individuals and entities wishing to set up corporate entities in Bermuda.

Bermuda Bar Association - for a listing of local law firms.

Bermuda Insurance Market - Information about setting up business in Bermuda specifically for Insurance-related businesses. Includes a section on the incorporation procedure.

Bermuda Department of Tourism - Information about travelling to Bermuda.

Bermuda Laws Online - Bermuda Laws Online (BLO) is the result of an ongoing commitment of the Government of Bermuda and the Attorney-General to provide local and international communities with fast, easy access to the Laws of Bermuda.